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Cheat Sheets

Identity, Branding, Print, Packaging, Web, Exhibition

Simple sheets, extraordinary results

At Cheat Sheets, the mission is to lighten your load and transform your laundry experience. Revolutionize the way you approach laundry; eliminate the guesswork, measuring cups, and messy spills, with a simple solution, pre-measured detergent sheets. Then came the twist, instead of focusing on the eco-centric nature of the product, this brand would focus on the consumer's desire to care for their garments – fashion by way of clean laundry.

Easton International approached us with the idea and drive — and 60 days until they were showing at the 2023 Curve Intimates Trade Show at the Javitz Center in NYC — then they handed over the reins. We grounded the brand with strong foundations, strategy workshops, and a cheeky name, then set forth to develop the full identity system and two sizes of packaging, one for in-home use the other for travel.

Agency: JD&Co
Design Director: Cat Wyatt
Associate Design Director: Tyler Moses